Movie Quotes

Star Wars

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Darth Vader


I thought it might be worth while to list movie quotes as they come to mind. It’s probably not in the better of interests to rate them in any order as each quote has its own time and place to be used.
However, I think this quote is especially useful. You can use it in practically any situation. Take for instance, your wife says to you, ” I bet you forgot to buy milk and eggs.” You can immediately bust out Darth Vader’s words followed by a Force choke.
Or when your friends challenges you to drink an enormous amount of alcohol. Except you will be using the Force to choke yourself the next day.
What other situations come to mind to use this quote?

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2 Responses to Movie Quotes

  1. fattbuddha says:

    Well, initially I thought church was a perfect place to use the quote. Or Sunday School.

    The situations are numerous. That quote is applicable to most any situation, even when a police officer feels your vehicle is not road worthy after you finish explaining that you didn’t know how fast you were going because the speedometer melted while your car was on fire the night before.

    I encourage others to employ this quote.

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