24 Hour Endurance Tag

I was introduced to a comedy group called “Downtown” the other day by my australian buddy. One of their more popular skits is called 笑ってはいけない (waratte wa ikenai, No Laughing).  I was able to watch a few hours of this show on New Years Eve before the ball dropped here in Japan. I think even people who don’t understand Japanese at all would still find their show pretty hilarious.

However, I think one of the show’s best “punishment games” as they are called is the 24 Hour Endurance Tag.  This is pure genius.  Four guys holed up in a gymnasium from 8am to 8am the next day.  During that time they are subject to 3 rules:

1. Live in the gymnasium for 24 hours.
2. When the oni (demon or, in this case, tagger) appears, the game of tag starts.
3. If you are caught by the oni, then you must receive punishment.

Pretty Simple. The type of punishment to be received is marked on the oni’s chest. They can appear at anytime, from anywhere, and target any of the four participants.

I won’t talk about what the participant’s are subject to. I don’t like spoilers. So you will just have to watch the show for yourself. Below is the YouTube video. The video here is four hours but the show is only 2 hours long, just repeated twice; the first with sound, the second without sound.

This show would go great with beer and pizza or chicken wings or the like. So make the preparations and sit back and enjoy.


This kind of entertainment can be enjoyed by all I think. If you have some time off and a large group of people (such as a fraternity, sports team, military unit, work shop, office staff, etc.) and some wide open space available for use, why not take the time to do something like this. The rules can be altered if necessary. And alcohol can always be added. Of course, don’t do anything that would get someone hurt or worse.

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