Conversation 130105 Far East

We had a somewhat amusing conversation today.

SW: When you’re constipated, think of Bruce Lee. He will scare the shit out of you.


FB: I do need to shit.

I changed the subject at this point since I felt there was no where else to go after his response.  So I followed up asking about the nengajo, or New Year’s Card, I sent him.

SW: No postcard?

FB: Yeah. We got it this morning. We want a picture like that now.

The nengajo had a picture of my wife and I decked out in kimono with an autumn background.

FB: We were thinking of getting a Vietnamese style photo when we go visit my wife’s motherland.

SW: That would be sweet. Like a rice paddy hat and AK47?


Don’t they make a lovely couple?

FB: Yeah, maybe at the bottom of a pit surrounded by hand made wooden death spikes.

SW: Maybe in the background, Rambo running and screaming with a detached mini gun in one hand and a machete in the other?

Some time had passed at this point.  I thought I would let him know about the current situation at my household.  My wife is handy in the kitchen, like all wives should be. She is particularly skillful in the baking of bread, cakes, and other things that normally include flour, butter, etc. Three friends of mine came over to learn how to bake some stuff.

SW: My house is international today. There is a Brit and two Taiwanese here.  Plus myself, American, and my wife, Japanese, I almost have my own UN going on here.  The wife is teaching baking to some of my friends.

FB: Legit. Diplomacy through baking.

SW: Breaking the culture barrier one cake at a time.


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