Orion Beer: For Your Happy Time


I think the original idea behind this blog was to record all the different alcohol we try. Where we drank it, what it tasted like, was it worth the price? Stuff like that. In between first discussing the blog idea and putting it into action, the content we wanted to write about expanded. Of course, who would want to read only about other people drinking? This blog would fail miserably like it is at the moment anyways.
At the very least, this is a way for us two brothers to communicate through a different medium. Weather anyone reads it or not is up to them.

Ok, so the picture above is an Orion Beer. According to the can, Orionhas been brewed since 1957. It is a product of Okinawa and last I heard Asahi breweries bought them out or have some sort of business relationship.
Whatever, and if you are reading this post for research for a report 1) you’re looking in the wrong place, and if you cite this 2) you’re dumb.
Anyways, Orion Beer is good with anything. Except maybe cream filled donuts. But I know some people who could pull it off. So next time you find yourself at a snack/bar/pub/other drinking establishment, try an Orion for Your Happy Time.

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