The Appropriate Audience

By viewing the search terms that have led at least two people to this blog, we can gather that we have attracted the appropriate crowd.

Tommy Lee Jones Alcoholic

Is Tommy Lee Jones a Heavy Drinker?

I bet when he comes to Japan to do those Boss Coffee and SoftBank commercials, the quirkiness of Japan drives him to drown in a bottle of his favorite brain cell killer.
Images from the movie “Lost in Translation” come to mind. When Bob, played by Bill Murray, is getting his photo taken for a Whiskey Ad the photographer in his best English says “Are you drinking, no?” Bob is quick to respond by saying “Am I drinking? As soon as I’m done.”
On a side note, the movie opens up with a great shot of Scarlett Johansson’s rear end. Nothing to get too excited about.

Thanks for visiting the site. We will be sure to create more posts that have nothing to do with Hollywood Star’s social lives (because who cares really) but tag them accordingly so you think they do.

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