That’s no moon…


I just heard news today that the White House has commented on the petition for a Death Star. (First, if you need more details about what the Death Star is, close your web browser, go to the nearest mirror, and tell yourself: I am have failed myself as a human being.)

Now, for those who have lived up to the standard as human beings, this news may be a little disheartening. The Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office made statements that “the administration does not support blowing up planets” and the cost of $850 quadrillion would not help the current budget anyway. Read one of the many articles out there about this:

You never know when you might need to destroy a planet. Look at Pluto. If that bastard ever attempts a coup and tries to reclaim the title “Planet” we may need to douse those flames of revolution with the Ultimate Power in the Universe.

I like to imagine how the conversation might go in the Oval Office if they considered the Death Star…

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