Conversation 130117 Onychocryptosis

FB: I got my left big toenail ripped off this morning. Surgically by a boyish man nurse. Very unsettling.

SW: I thought you were gonna have that fixed permanently?

FB: Yeah. Maybe eventually. Last time it was the right toe.

SW: Did you scream like a bitch when you were cut? Or did they drug you up and then you found yourself with a swollen colon when you came to?

FB: Both.

SW: I can’t imagine how that was.  You have my sympathy.

FB: I’m cold and have no dignity.

SW: “Help me…”

FB: Loooogan! Where are you, Logan?!


Not sure if you have figured it out by now but we are referencing a video game for the playstation, Syphon Filter.  Truly a classic.  I enjoyed watching the guys falling from the rooftops while on fire after hitting them with a launched grenade.  But the viral patients of the catacombs were the funniest.  Motionless in a corner, curled up in the fetal position sometimes with nothing else to say except “Help Me” or groan.

And as a follow up to “Conversation 121221 Where is Your God Now,” I present you with the following:

Nothing better than listening to Yes, except watching Yes. Take a note of Rick Wakeman, the guy on the Minimoogs (piano looking things), and his space cape and Legolas hair style (3:47).

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