I was Inverted

First off, Tom Cruise is full of shit.

But that doesn’t matter. Hasn’t stopped me from seeing a lot of his films.


Two of your snot-nose jockeys did a fly-by on my tower at over 400 KNOTS! I want somebody’s butt, I want it now, I’ve HAD IT!
DAMN! That’s TWICE! I WANT SOME BUTTS! -Air Boss Johnson

“I want some butts”. No other choice of words could better communicate how pissed off one is at someone else’s offensive actions. You could use this in practically any situation, much like “I find your lack of faith disturbing

For instance, someone shits in a brown paper bag, puts in on your doorstep, and lights it on fire. Upon discovering such juvenile act had been committed, you can immediately put the quote to use.

Or how about when you find out your tax payer dollars were spent on pop stars to sing at a certain someone’s inauguration event so the masses of welfare collectors that live in D.C. could see a free concert, despite the nation’s current fiscal condition. The quiet ceremony on Sunday wasn’t enough? I want some butts! (Sorry, I got a bit political).

Speaking of Tax Dollars, what about James Tolkan? You know, Stinger or Principal Strickland from Back to the Future. “What you should have done was land your plane! You don’t own that plane, the tax payers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.”

What other situations can you think of that you’ve personally experienced where this quote would have been handy?

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