Conversation 130202 Dogsitting

My wife’s parents were passing through the city I live in on their way to my wife’s grandmother’s wake. Our mission, that we chose to accept, was to pick up the dog from the train station as they passed through.

While my wife went to the platform I waited outside and took the opportunity to share this experience with FattBuddha.

SW: You should get a dog. A small one.
FB: Against the lease. But I wouldn’t get one anyway.
SW: Good. They are a pain in the ass.
FB: And they shit on floors.
SW: Or your pillow.

FB: Yeah, and God help all small life forms if that EVER happens on my pillow
SW: What if a crocodile shit on your pillow ?
FB: There’d be a lot more gator shoes in the world
SW: What if your boss shit on your pillow?
FB: He would become dead.
SW: If you could think of the next big product for dogs what would it be? This would help out the wife. So ask your wife too.
FB: Hmmm…. brainstorming
SW: I have to make line graphs for my wife’s business project now.

This line graph is a representation of the bullshit I deal with on a regular basis. Measured in metric tons.

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