Why we blog (and drink)

This blog is a collaboration effort between two brothers. We live in the same country but different prefectures (Americans living abroad). So a lot of our communication is via hand-held cellular device. Some of our communication is straightforward, to the point. But some of those conversations are an insight to our rather weird sense of humor. Most of it comes from our lifetime of watching old films, introduction to several genres of music, violent video games, and our love of America. The rest of the humor comes from the underbelly of the devil himself.

Some of our text conversations transposed to this blog have been edited for readabilty, proofing, spelling, making more funny, and for whatever other purpose we deem necessary. Some posts on this blog may have never really occured, but it was funny or we thought it would have an insightful impact on someone’s spiritual being, so we posted it.

Our purpose is,
“to inform fellow humans drinking at home alone about thoughts and ideas one may have while drinking at home alone.”

All views expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, anyone else.

Also, we tactically acquire images from the big computer in the sky otherwise known as the internet. If we use something that is yours, let us know, and we will remove it. Not sure of the lawyer jargon for that but we don’t want problems.


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