You have been chosen, Child.

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Conversation 121221 Where’s your god now?

I sent the following picture I found on the interwebs to Fattbuddha yesterday. Good timing I thought with the end of the world and all.

His response, “Fuck my life if that’s real”

SW: “In a few hours god will say ‘release the hounds and hoards of these creatures will crawl out of the wood work and devour the planet. They are of the same family as those moon crabs [spiders/parasites] on Apollo 18.
2_apollo alien parasite

FB: “Hahaha, as long as YES is playing I’m ok with it.”

SW: “Agh!! Winged Spiders are eating my face!! Oh, is that “Heart of the Sunrise”? It’s whatever then.

FB: “Haha, good shit.”

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